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合  艺  术  中  心
Fusion Art Center

Fusion Art Space


Fusion Art Center is an art institution that emphasizes space involvement. It advocates that space makes art better and it is a medium for in-depth communication between people and art.

Fusion Art Center tries to guide the dialogue between art and space, emphasizing the spirit of art, so as to enlarge the intervention, inspiration, reflection and precipitation of art in life. Fusion Art Center reproduces a Soviet-style courtyard representing the spirit of the ancient Chinese scholar-bureaucrats beside the Forbidden City as a carrier of its exploration of space and art. Looked at from the outside, the courtyard is upright and foursquare, just like the rules of Fusion Art Center which are fair. Inside the courtyard it is appropriately brilliant and quietly elegant. Opposing waterside pavilions are reflected in the ponds. With the beautiful scenes of the rocks in the lake and the window lattices, even one step makes a difference. When the water in the lake subsides and the rocks come out, you can sit beside the lake, watching the ups and downs of time and space. When you learn to cultivate virtues and morality, you will know the heaven is in harmony with the people.


Idea of Fusion Art


All the cultural and artistic activities initiated by Fusion Art Center are based on the concept “fusion”: In harmony with the heaven: it must be of contemporary significance; In harmony with the earth: it must have in-depth communication with the space; In harmony with human beings: it must reflect the spiritual height of Chinese civilization and gain international influence. Painting, architecture, installation, music, dance, drama, fashion, jewelry, design... A variety of art forms with contemporary vitality, We integrate and unite all of them at Fusion Art Center.